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Recruitment Expertise

SutraLite is an innovative and a unique service that offers low-cost recruitment solutions to startups and small businesses in India. Our USP is providing value for money, quality hiring solutions to our clients enabling them to easily scale up operations.

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Professional Processes

We enable hundreds of startups and small businesses to hire great talent at a flat fee. The innovative low-cost recruitment model allows us to get great talent for you without compromising on the quality.

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Hiring Across Industries

SutraLite's recruitment solutions are available across various industries, including recruitment for Education, Travel, Health, Media, Technology, and Finance verticals. We work with founders, hiring managers, and decision makers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SutraLite ideal for?

SutraLite is ideal for startups and small or medium businesses, looking to hire more staff. Business owners, hiring managers, or entrepreneurs don’t have the time/patience/money to sign up on multiple job portals, read through hundreds of CVs, or even hire a “recruitment consultant”. This is where SutraLite comes in and solve your problem.

How can SutraLite help me?

SutraLite’s low-cost recruitment helps you save two of the most important things in your company – time and money. We enable you to save time by taking care of the most time consuming and cumbersome parts of your recruitment process, so you can concentrate on selecting and hiring the best candidates. SutraLite allows you save money by offering our services at unbeatable, fixed prices with no limits on the number of candidates you hire.

Who works on recruitment on behalf of my company?

We have an EXPERT team here at SutraLite, which is in charge of your campaign. The team members have been trained extensively, and they have immense knowledge of the recruitment industry and its processes. Every member of the team has previously held positions as either recruitment consultants or managers at various levels, within the recruitment industry.

I pay for one person and hire unlimited, right?

Absolutely! You can recruit more than one person at no extra cost. All the candidates we send you are yours – we’ve done our work and don’t think it’s fair to charge you any more money. So if you see more than one person you like, please feel free to offer them a job.


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  • Working with SutraLite has been an amazing and smooth experience. They are very prompt at responding. We hired a developer within the first week of working with them. A must use service for startups!

    Sahil Parikh, Founder & CEO, Deskaway

  • Initially I was doubtful whether SutraLite will deliver what it promised... but it was really cost-effective and the response was much more than i expected! The single point of contact assigned to us was very helpful & assisted us totally in all of our recruiting operations.

    Ishan Doshi, Co-founder, iThinkSoft

  • Being a startup, one of our main concerns is the cost of hiring good resources. When SutraLite got in touch with us, we weren’t sure they would do justice to our requirement. Within a week, the team from SutraLite understood our exact needs and has helped us in getting some good people on-board.

    Dennis Mathew, Co-founder, T9L Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • SutraLite is a combination of excellent work and great cooperation. Hired the first candidate through SutraLite. Must say, a great team & good service.

    Rohit Singh, Founder & CEO, Carsingh.com

  • Reliability – that's the first word that comes to our mind when we think of services of SutraLite. SutraLite has been catering to our needs of hiring suitable and appropriate talent for us and will continue to do so for our future endeavors too

    Mukesh Ghatiya, Product Manager, CommonFloor

  • Just the 3 words “Superb Customer Service”.

    Vivek Chadha, CEO, EYL

  • We’ve been bombarded with sales calls from recruitment consultants trying to sell their services, which mostly turn out mediocre value. But I have to say, SutraLite is one service with which we’ve struck gold!

    Farhin K, Marketing Manager, Inkfruit

  • We worked with SutraLite on filling up multiple positions, and we’ve successfully filled 4 skilled positions in 1 campaign. I recommend this service to every small/medium business looking to save time and money. Further, in the past, my inbox would be overloaded with hundreds of CVs pouring in every time we posted job ads. What’s worse, most of them were irrelevant and we wasted hours sorting through them. SutraLite’s team has taken this huge burden off our shoulders, and their screening process is a big bonus.

    Rajiv Dadlani, Director, Consort Capital Services Pvt. Ltd

  • SutraLite is a breath of fresh air in this jungle. Finding smart people is the toughest part of doing business in India (knowledge based industries like IT/Finance etc). At least part of my problems were solved by this HR consulting firm called SutraLite. These guys are prompt with their emails, calls etc and are actually very professional... a rare quality in this jungle

    Ashwini Anand, Founder & CEO, Investopresto

  • The team at SutraLite went beyond their backyard to search the right candidates for us. Although they took lot of feedback from us, they did not give up without finding us the right match.

    Jaydeep Barman, CEO, FAASO’S

  • Thanks a billion to the SutraLite team. We used their service in recruiting and were delighted by their speed, quality and lowest cost.

    Sandeep Saxena, Founder & CEO, Actonbiotech

  • Excellent pricing and speedy service! SutraLite’s team did an excellent job in understanding our requirement and getting the job done in just a couple of weeks. Really appreciate the time they spent, and their consistent follow-ups!

    Himanshu Khurana, Co-founder & CMO, lifemojo

  • Working with SutraLite was a great experience, and we’ve successfully filled both the positions. I recommend this service to every small/medium business looking to save time and money. We look forward to work together in near future.

    Leo Mavely, Managing Director, Axio BioSolutions Pvt. Ltd

  • We used to post ads in newspapers and job portals, and sometimes engage with recruitment consultants too. But ever since we’ve used SutraLite, our recruitment worries have disappeared. Now we have much wider choice and expert recruiters helping us hire new employees.

    Niraj Sheth, CEO & Co-founder, InCrowd Marketing Pvt. Ltd

  • I have worked with SutraLite on two different campaigns. Both times we hired candidates exactly as per requirement. Quick & Efficient Service guaranteed

    Bhakti Naik, HR Manager, K11 Fitness Academy

  • I am extremely pleased with the services received by SutraLite and everyone I worked with as part of our hiring campaign. Their attention to detail and willingness to go out of the way to help their clients is commendable. It is difficult to find such generosity from companies in today's day and age and I can definitely say that I got full value for the money from SutraLite. I highly recommend SutraLite to all SMEs and Startups and Ialso look forward to working with the team at SutraLite in the future.

    Rajat Mital, Senior Executive, InKnowledge.inc

  • A cost cautious company cannot ask for anything better in a recruitment service. SutraLite is a perfect partner for small and medium sized growing companies.

    Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, WatConsult

  • We were pleased with SutraLite’s personalised approach to recruitment. We could reach job-seekers across platforms at a fraction of the costs! This is an ideal way to get your jobs out there and not bother about the tedious filtering, scheduling process.

    Gaurav Kohli, Founder & CEO, Secret Sauce Digital

  • Working with SutraLite is like having your own HR department doing all that’s needed to find you the right candidates. The only difference is - they don’t sit in your office.

    Thapas Joseph, Managing Partner, Redigital

  • I would give a ‘double thumbsup’ to SutraLite. It saved me time and a huge amount of money. The team at SutraLite has been exceptionally conversant and helpful.

    Ashish Mehta, Co-founder & CEO, Sokrati

  • An ideal partner for every small/medium enterprise. I doubt you’ll find a more professional recruitment service in the market.

    Hemant M Mishra, Director & Co-founder, Neeti Brand Solutions

  • Thank you very much for your great service and for getting a very good candidate in less than a week of signing up. I will work again with Sutralite.

    Lokabhiram, Founder, Flaming Apple

  • SutraLite has been instrumental in providing the most fitting profiles for our team here at Innovate Search. Almost half of our current team has been hired through SutraLite’s services! Their team is very proactive and is in constant touch during the entire campaign period. Their process is fine-tuned and incorporates the feedback in subsequent batches of profiles they send. Would definitely continue to use their services for all the future needs for Innovate Search. Its absolute value for money! Highly recommended.

    Kunal Roy, Innovative Search

  • We dealt with number of recruitment consultants in the past, but must say, we had mixed reactions. Dealing with Sutralite was a pleasure. They understood our manpower needs exactly the way we wanted. The resumes of the candidates were spot on and the response was good.

    Arun Lohiya, President, Baron Luxury & Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd

  • I like working with people who understand what I say, and know what they say. I’ve seldom found such people in the recruitment industry, before I came across SutraLite. SutraLite team made the whole process of recruitment a lot easier for us.

    Bhavish Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, Olacabs

  • Ever since i discovered SutraLite, I’ve not had to filter out CVs, or schedule interviews. Their service is efficient and gets results. Startups and SMEs looking for talent can benefit from them.

    Srinath Sastry, Head, Omnivera

  • SutraLite is an excellent option for startups and SMEs. Their dedicated team helped us save time, effort and money. And their tight recruitment processes provided quality service, and delivered what they promise. We are happy to have SutraLite as our recruitment partners!

    Abhinav Bhargav, CEO, Study SSC Online

  • Right from our first contact with SutraLite, we’ve had a very smooth and consistent interaction with them. Their team was efficient, practical and flexible with us. We found quality profiles and hired suitable candidates.

    Neha Patwa, HR Manager, SIP Academy India

  • SutraLite is an amazing service for small companies. While the innovative pricing plan is a clear winner, it's not just the pricing, which makes us big fans of Sutra. The service is fantastic. When they say low-cost, it is just the price that is low, the service is top-notch. The understanding of requirements, screening of candidates, scheduling of interviews and closure - all aspects of the recruitment process are taken care of with the utmost care. We'd recommend them strongly for all small and medium size companies.

    Harish, Tender Leaves

  • Thank you very much for your great service and for getting a very good candidate in less than a week of signing up. I will work again with Sutralite. We appreciate the work done by Team Sutralite and look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship.

    Bhusan, Vidyasagar Learning



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