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Rising Entrepreneurial Spirit in Indian Youth: Entrepreneurship Study

The number of startups in India has risen considerably over the last few years. There has been a growing trend of young individuals joining startups or having their own ventures. The reasons for this rising entrepreneurial spirit are of course varied, like stable financial background, availability of angel investors, flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, and many more. Now, a Times of India article cites new research by employer branding company Universum that …Read More

Top 10 Indian Startups Who Successfully Bootstrapped

The startup ecosystem in India is thriving, especially with the rise in the number of angel investors and incubators. But what’s really turning out the be that feel-good story is the one about bootstrapping Indian startups who climbed up the success ladder without any external funding. At SutraLite, we have worked with many of these innovative startups, enabling them to ‘bootstrappingly’ recruit some really great candidates. Now our OCD of …Read More

Interview Body Language Basics: How To Get That Job

If you’re awaiting your first interview, it’s pretty obvious that you’re browsing the internet for reaping the ultimate prize, being the job itself from the interview. Here are a few interview body language basics that will help you do just that: Submission: Firstly, it’s very important to avoid being submissive. A woman should maintain boundaries so as to be a lady and a man should be chivalrous at all times, …Read More

How to Use Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking sites, and is a wonderful platform to make oneself known or advertise, especially for startups and small businesses. This goes for recruitment on Twitter too. The dynamics Since Twitter is more of a social network to promote public figures and organizations, it is very apt for an organization. Growing your organization’s popularity is the first step toward hiring on Twitter or …Read More

Education & E-Learning Recruitment: Hiring Teachers & Instructional Designers

To hire a good instructor or teacher in India, one must make sure the candidate possesses not just the technical knowledge of what they’re supposed to teach but also the capacity to understand their students. E-Learning recruitment Hiring for the education sector is easy in the initial stages. One simply has to make sure the potential candidate has the professional degrees. After this is accomplished, one must rely on their …Read More

Startup Recruitment Toolkit

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