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16 Indian Muslim Entrepreneurs Whose Stories Will Amuse You

The creation of a sustainable, profit-making entity that contributes to the development of a society is a task not all can shoulder. Entrepreneurs are bearers of this exalting burden. Although hailing from different backgrounds and cultures, all entrepreneurs share the courage to venture into the unknown. Though entrepreneurship knows no boundaries of faith, we’re presenting to you a list of the top Muslim entrepreneurs in India (listed alphabetically). If you …Read More

11 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From Rahul Gandhi’s Interview

It’s often said that entrepreneurs and political leaders are similar in many ways. We know that a certain IITian’s party has been likened to a ‘startup’ while a Chief Minister’s meteoric rise from a tea-stall vendor to a PM candidate is being touted as an inspirational ‘entrepreneurial-style’ story. But now the Kejriwals and the Modis can take a step back as India’s very own golden boy comes forth into the …Read More

[VIDEO] How Purab Kohli, Alok Kejriwal, Sameer Guglani, and Devita Saraf Are Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs

They say that the biggest difference between a college student in India and the USA is that the former dreams about working at Facebook or Twitter while the latter thinks about creating the next Facebook or Twitter! However, if you are to look at a few promising Indian startups lately, many of them are by students fresh out of college. One such startup is Flat.to, whose CEO Gaurav Munjal started …Read More

55 Innovative Travel Companies in India

The travel industry in India is expected to grow at a huge pace. What’s more exciting than the number of arrivals and foreign exchange is the growing number of innovative travel companies in India. Some of these companies cater to all travelers while some are targeting a niche audience. But what’s common is that they have managed to solve pain points of the consumers in an innovative manner. SutraLite has …Read More

22 Indian Startups That Will Raise Money in the Next 6 Months

Although the economy has been going through a slump period, the Indian startup market has been growing at a break-neck pace with so many ingenious startups mushrooming across the nation. With a consistent demand for new products and services from the consumers and the increased interest in Indian technology, there is abundant capital for new ventures. It is thus possible to start exciting business ventures on a miniscule budget. In …Read More

Rising Entrepreneurial Spirit in Indian Youth: Entrepreneurship Study

The number of startups in India has risen considerably over the last few years. There has been a growing trend of young individuals joining startups or having their own ventures. The reasons for this rising entrepreneurial spirit are of course varied, like stable financial background, availability of angel investors, flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, and many more. Now, a Times of India article cites new research by employer branding company Universum that …Read More

Startup Hiring: 9 Actionable Tips On Increasing Resume Inflow

In India, startup hiring can be a difficult task. At FindYogi, we have been experimenting a lot to increase the resume inflows and attract more hire-able resumes to our inbox. Following are some simple actions that you could make use of when recruiting for your budding startup. These tips will mostly tell you what variables you should play with to A/B test your job descriptions. Do note that we have …Read More

Finance Recruitment: Kotak Life Insurance Saves 81% of Their Hiring Costs by Using SutraLite

The Challenge Kotak Life Insurance, a 74:26 JV between Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., its associates, and Old Mutual, is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India. It serves lakhs of people in India via their huge portfolio of products. They wanted to quickly recruit Relationship Manager but at very cost efficient rates. When it comes to finance recruitment, there are very few affordable agencies for major companies. SutraLite …Read More

Ubilearn Successfully Hire Android Developers using SutraLite: Review

It can be quite a task to hire Android developers but Ubilearn did not face any such difficulty since they used SutraLite to hire some really talented android programmers. An education startup on a mission to use educational design technology for changing the way people acquire knowledge, Ubilearn wanted to hire Android developers and SutraLite didn’t disappoint them. Being a startup, Ubilearn want to concentrate on their product and services, …Read More

Top 10 Indian Startups Who Successfully Bootstrapped

The startup ecosystem in India is thriving, especially with the rise in the number of angel investors and incubators. But what’s really turning out the be that feel-good story is the one about bootstrapping Indian startups who climbed up the success ladder without any external funding. At SutraLite, we have worked with many of these innovative startups, enabling them to ‘bootstrappingly’ recruit some really great candidates. Now our OCD of …Read More