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SutraLite prides itself in being a technology-driven process-oriented company run by experienced professionals. Quality and efficiency are always our top-priority, and being a startup ourselves, we fully understand the cost constraints that startups and small businesses face. Our contemporary work culture, coupled with an employee-friendly environment, makes SutraLite one of the best organizations to work for. We know that most companies ‘strive’ to make their workplace fun. At SutraLite, fun is embedded in our DNA. We work really hard but party even harder.


We wake up, go to office, work, eat, work, party, play, and hope that the day never ends. We’re pretty sure someone at SutraLite came up with “Work hard, party harder”.


Overcoming challenges, solving various recruitment problems, creatively providing better services or beating the darts record - we face it all head on. We are are proud of our work and focused on making our customers’ lives easier.


Our culture is absolutely transparent. We are collective owners, not cogs in a corporate framework. We value our people and provide them tools and know-how, then move out of the way. Hierarchy is not a hard and fast rule here.


All we expect is honesty, hard work and a positive attitude. Everybody makes mistakes but it’s how hard you fight back that’s important. Persistence is a key that opens many locks!


Fun, friends, learning, a career, a chance to prove yourself, a place to hang out and not to forget, pay cheques!


We won’t wait to promote you, as long as you don’t wait to meet our expectations. We’re very quick in appreciating and appraising our team.