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Education Industry in India

No civilization exemplifies the phrase “Knowledge is power” better than India does. While we’ve had many world class seats of learning in ancient times, modern day India is no different. A burgeoning population has already burdened the public-sector education institutes. Nevertheless, the Indian educational industry is dotted with thousands of companies that directly or indirectly serve millions of students across the length and breadth of the country. To scale up, most of these will need help from education recruitment agencies.

Education Startups Recruitment The late Nelson Mandela once said, “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.” Every nation needs an education system that exhibits the nation’s true identity and stature. The Indian government took note of this and has made several reforms in the education industry. Most graduates aren’t skilled or knowledgeable enough to work and this makes them pursue additional courses which have led to the rise of private institutes offering niche courses.

Growing Indian Education Industry

The mounting Indian financial system and escalating income levels have been instrumental in the upsurge of the education levels across all classes. In addition, Indian demographics help a lot in this process, and the advantage of having youth as a large chunk of the population and low gross enrollment ratios presents an enthralling opportunity for the industry. Indian education industry is at a very pivotal stage. Rapid urbanization, increase in awareness about quality education has also resulted in the robust growth of the education industry.

Constant cash flows in the system have made sure that the education industry remains recession proof. In addition, the government support has been very influential in the cause. Such reforms are sure to strengthen the education industry in our country along with a huge potential for expansion. Education recruitment consultants in India will surely play an important part.

The number of private schools and colleges are much higher despite lack of appropriate government support. It has helped private organizations and corporate entities to tap in and utilize the opportunity. A report suggested the reason for it could be tight government finances. It seems that in the near future, privatization of schools and colleges will soar higher than that of the government’s.

Indian Education Industry – Statistics

According to an online survey it is expected that the market size of the Indian education sector will increase to INR 602,410 crore (USD 100.23 billion) by FY 15 from INR 341,180 crore (USD 56.77 billion) in FY 12, due to the expected strong demand for quality education. While 59.7% the market size is accounted for higher education, school education contributes 38.1%. The pre-school segment accounts for 1.6% of the market, technology and multi-media contribute the remaining 0.6%.

The Economist reports, the top most Indian management institute, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) has been ranked the fourth best overall among 20 leading B-Schools in the world. As per the rankings given by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), 17 Indian Universities have made it to the list of Top 300 Universities in the Asia. There are top institutes in the country with international recognition but an insufficient amount of available seats, compared to the private institutes. Furthermore, a great part of this population prefers studying abroad which has also led to the meteoric rise in education counseling institutes.

From coaching classes to startups dabbling in instructional design and new-age educational methods, the industry is growing at an immense pace. A report by trade body FICCI pegs the growth of educational institutes in India at 11% and student enrollment at 6% (both CAGR). While the number of students has increased in both rural and urban India, educational companies catering to students outside India have swelled too, many of them helped by Indian Education Recruitment Agencies, which assist them in finding great talent.

Recruitment for Education Industry in India

Education Industry in IndiaThough the statistics mentioned above might bring a smile on the face of the opportunist businessperson, taking optimal advantage of them could prove to be a pretty big challenge. When any industry grows at such a humongous rate, the numbers that can create trouble are those of hiring/recruitment. It is a difficult task to hire people of such caliber and experience on such a large scale.

This is especially true for the education sector in India. Being an industry that places a huge importance on the human factor, it is a difficult task for the education companies to get the right talent. In such cases the education recruitment consultants are the best bet. The network of Indian education industry ranks amongst the largest in the world, with more than 1.4 million schools and 35,000 higher education institutes.

An online report states that the National Policy on education is emphasizing the increasing use of computer-related technology for the betterment of education. On the other hand, as stated in the Union Budget, the government’s spending on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) has correspondingly increased, by 53.2 per cent to INR 340 crore.

Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) has proposed an outlay of INR 11,000 crore during the Twelfth Plan for National Mission in education, through ICT. The government is planning to bring motivational improvement in the education industry so as to support more private investment and also to improve the level and quality of education. To find such quality of talent, education recruitment agencies would see a huge demand in the coming years.

It is predicted that the higher education segment will be the highest revenue generator in the coming years. The increasing number of courses offered would require skilled and experienced employees. In addition managing such a huge industry would call upon an equally large sized expertise. Recruitment for the education industry will be much higher than what it is today.

The education system will definitely be on the precise conduit and the recruitment for the same will scale unimaginable heights. Be it teachers, lecturers, office staff or administrators, you name it and the requirement is there. The hardest part would be to find apt requirements for such positions. After all they would be instrumental in shaping the future India.

During the Indian Job Outlook Survey 2012, experts named ‘Education Sector’ as a major employment driver sector in the country. They also stated that the requirements would be on an all time high in the next two decades. A lot of job seekers are finding newer areas to work in apart from the customary education industry. There has been a rise in demand for the pharmaceutical, engineering and creative fields. Such requirements would change the perceptions of how job seekers welcome this sector.

Role of Education Recruitment Agencies

Another untapped area in this segment is playschool / kindergarten. Never having gotten much importance in the past, playschools have come to the forefront in urban areas of late. Young graduate women with some or no work experience are making the most of this opportunity. It’s a newly formed segment with huge potential in the reckoning. As time moves, this segment will become a trend in the urban areas & education recruitment agencies in India will play a big role in attracting quality talent.

Education Recruitment Consultancy

There is also a huge demand of tuition teachers and coaching services. Tutorials are the most unregulated and unorganized sector in the Indian education system. In an online report this segment alone is touted at USD 4.5bn in 2012 and at USD 8bn by 2015. Tuition fees are the largest contributor at 34% in private education system in India. Coaching services account for 12% of private education. There is a need for skilled and experienced teachers and educationists as tuition and coaching services are swelling in the urban areas. The cost of these services is about 4.5 times higher than the government services.

The SutraLite Advantage for Education Companies

There are cost effective recruitment solutions with SutraLite that enable a startup to ride along without any hiccups. SutraLite’s pedigree in serving small businesses and startups, coupled with its expertise in recruiting for the education industry, enables us to get the right talent for any educational company. We offer value for money and quality hiring solutions for your every requirement helping you coast easily. Moreover, as a top education recruitment agency, we have an in-depth understanding of this sector and practically every single detail that goes on in the process.

Our experienced recruitment campaign specialists tap into our proprietary databases or scour already established networks with professionals from the industry to share the most appropriate profiles. We go beyond the clichéd Naukri / Monster and offer exposure by running recruitment campaigns on specialized job portals and on social media networks which includes Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

At SutraLite you will always find a dedicated resource at your disposal. That person will handle all the negotiations and formalities between you and the candidate. You will never ever have to worry about the turnaround time, which is of 48 hours. Filling your candidates from the education industry was never this quick, was it?

We are pioneers in what we do and SutraLite has an unparalleled experience in handling profiles. It’s just not the quick turnaround time but we also make sure you hire within a month. Time and money are the most important aspects of any business, so being one of the best education recruitment consultants, we take the most time consuming and bulky parts of you recruitment process which leaves you concentrating only on hiring the best at affordable prices. Our fixed-fee and affordable education recruitment plans ensure that you pay a fixed amount to get the best profiles, whether you are hiring a teacher, an instructional designer or a manager / head to supervise your teams.

The below list of positions highlights the SutraLite success story:

- Trainers
- Counselors
- Business Development Managers
- Professors/Lecturers
- Subject Matter Experts
- Course Content Developers
- Pre-school Teachers
- Instructional Designers
- Centre Managers
- Operation Managers
- Training Coordinator