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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Confused? Doubts? Questions? Find everything you need to know about SutraLite and affordable recruitment by going through this exhaustive list of FAQs. If you still have queries, give us a call at 80 80 245 245 and we’ll gladly clear it up for you.

How is SutraLite better than a recruitment consultant?

We exploit our wide access to popular job portals, selection of niche industry specific job boards, an extensive social media network, and a large internal database, to deliver the best applicants to your inbox. Recruitment consultants cannot match our reach, expertise, speed and prices. And unlike recruitment consultants, we don’t charge exorbitant commissions or hefty annual job portal contracts. In a nutshell, we do a better job, and charge less than what you’d pay otherwise.

How is SutraLite ideal for me?

SutraLite is ideal for all businesses (especially for startups and SMEs) looking to hire staff at surprisingly affordable prices. Business owners, hiring managers or entrepreneurs don’t have the time/patience/money to sign up on multiple job portals, read through hundreds of CVs, or even hire a “recruitment consultant”.  This is where we come in and take away all your hiring problems. SutraLite’s pedigree in serving small businesses and startups, coupled with expertise, enables us to get the right talent at the right price. We offer value for money and quality hiring solutions for your every requirement helping you coast easily.

How can SutraLite help me?

SutraLite’s affordable recruitment helps you save two of the most important things in your company – time and money. We enable you to save time by taking care of the most time consuming and cumbersome parts of your recruitment process, so you can concentrate on selecting and hiring the best candidates. SutraLite helps you save money by offering our services at unbeatable, fixed prices. We go beyond the clichéd Naukri / Monster and offer exposure by running recruitment campaigns on specialized job portals and on social media networks which include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

How is SutraLite different from conventional/traditional recruitment consultants?

Recruitment consultants work on a commission-based model. They charge you a hefty 8.33% to 16.66% of the annual salary of each candidate. For a small/medium business, this can be an expensive affair. What’s worse, the recruitment consultants often “shift priorities” based on the commission at stake. In comparison with other recruitment solutions, SutraLite charges a fixed and surprisingly affordable fee of INR 9,999 ( with 5% or 7% post closure depending on the CTC), with no limits on the number of candidates you can hire, and that too with guaranteed results.

What role does SutraLite specialize in?

Any role, any industry, any location – we can find you the right candidates. As long as the candidates you are looking for are available through online resources, we will find relevant applicants to fill your job requirement. From receptionists to accountants, from software developers to web designers, from merchandisers to retail executives, manufacturing engineers to sales managers… the list goes on. We can find them all!

How does SutraLite Work?

It’s simple. Just send us your job description and select your preferred recruitment plan. We handle the rest. The process is as follows: Step 1: You select a recruitment plan and send us your job description. Step 2: We broadcast your job across various popular job portals, several niche industry specific job boards, the most active social networks and other relevant databases. Within 24 to 48 hours, job applications start pouring into our inboxes. Step 3: Our recruitment specialists read each application and shortlist the most relevant profiles for you. We email batches of shortlisted CVs to you. Step 4: We then screen candidates that you find most suitable, before scheduling them for interviews with you. This process continues for 1 month. During this time, all you have to do is select and hire the best candidate(s) for your job. Throughout this process, SutraLite’s recruitment team will take care of all candidate inquiries. Depending on the type of plan you have chosen, we will also pitch your job to the prospective candidates over phone.

This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

We knew this question would come sooner or later. Here’s our answer:  Our expert team, tightly laid recruitment processes, wide access to several job portals/sites/boards, gives us the confidence to offer the service at these prices. The fact that so many people are using our service is proof that we’re able to deliver good results, at low prices. We are prepared for your job requirements. Bring them on!

Who works on recruitment on behalf of my company?

We have an EXPERT team here at SutraLite, which is in charge of your campaign. The team members have been trained extensively, and they have immense knowledge of the recruitment industry and its processes. Every member of the team has previously held positions as either recruitment consultants or managers at various levels, within the recruitment industry. We believe in delighting our clients and we strive to find you exactly what you want – great candidates