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Guest Articles on SutraLite Blog

SutraLite is a pioneer in many things, and our blog is no different. We are offering a platform to guest bloggers who want to share their knowledge about Recruitment, HR, Career Advice, Startup Culture, Entrepreneurship, and SaaS.

To get your article posted on the SutraLite blog, just ensure that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Relevant headline & sub-headings.
  2. Great content that informs the readers.
  3. Facts that are backed by numbers or proof (maximum 3 outbound links).
  4. No affiliate links please!
  5. A clear and direct writing style.
  6. ORIGINAL content (If we find the content is plagiarized, you will be blacklisted, forever!)
  7. Images/photos/videos (copyright free).
  8. Size of the post: between 450 to 750 words.
  9. A two-line bio that explains who you are, what your company is about, and why it is relevant to the topic of the article.

So how to proceed with the guest post submission? Send us an email to buzz [at] sutralite (dot) com with the following details:

  • Subject line should have the words: Guest Post (Your Topic).
  • Body should clearly mention the details of the proposed post (why it is relevant to the reader).
  • Attachment: A document (MS Word / Open Office file) with properly formatted content (no grammatical/spelling mistakes, no html codes)

Note: We reserve all rights to approve/disapprove any article submitted.

Alternatively, click the button below to start your submission process: