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How We Work?

SutraLite is an innovative and a unique service that offers affordable recruitment solutions to startups and small businesses in India. Our USP is providing value for money, quality hiring solutions to our clients enabling them to easily scale up operations.

Here’s how flat fee, affordable recruitment works:

While SutraLite is synonymous with startup recruitment, hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses happily use our services too. We work with founders, hiring managers, and decision makers of organizations, allowing them to find that elusive, ideal employee.

Recruitment for startups is regarded as a challenge, but for us at SutraLite it is a habit. A habit we think makes us special.

Still looking for a reason to choose SutraLite for recruitment?! We will give you 10… Or just give us a call now on 8080 245 245 and we will clear all your doubts.