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3 Things College Students Can Learn from the Startup Culture

When it comes to solving challenges in business these days, the most innovative solutions usually come from startups. Of course, established companies do solve some of them. But what makes a startup different is that they end up finding solutions using very few resources. If you draw parallels to the startup culture, it is somewhat similar to that of students at college (well, most of them), as it’s a stage …Read More

SutraLite Review: Elearning Company Happily Recruits Using SutraLite

Vidyasagar Interactive, an elearning company positively reviews SutraLite. Recruiting for education companies is no easy job, especially in India. Vidyasagar Interactive chose SutraLite’s low-cost, fixed fee recruitment solution to solve their hiring challenges. Just like any emerging business, they wanted a solution that was quick yet cost effective. They approached SutraLite after hearing positive reviews. So what is Vidyasagar Interactive’s SutraLite review all about? Just like for all our clients, …Read More

Job Interview Tips: 5 Things NOT To Mention in an Interview

Job interviews are the best place to emit grace under pressure. Being calm will help you answer better to the questions you are asked, and also be the best you can be around the interviewer. Don’t point out faults If you feel the organization you’re interviewing for has made any evident mistakes in their business, that’s what the suggestion box is for when you are hired. Pointing out faults signifies …Read More

Career Advice: How to Find a Job After Being Fired

If you’re a working individual, being fired is something that you’ve always known would probably happen sooner or later. You are not the first person in the world to have experienced this and being “let go” is something many have bounced back from. Get to know what you want If you’ve just been fired from a dead-end job you never liked, getting “canned” is a blessing in disguise. Take a …Read More