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Media Industry in India

A country that has a rich culture and heritage is bound to have a booming media industry. Right from the film industry that was established in the beginning of the twentieth century to the cable television boom at the end, the media industry has satiated the entertainment needs of millions of Indians The print, radio, and new media are the other pillars of the industry, communicating information and entertainment to a huge base of audience.

The media industry in India has been growing at a huge pace, thanks to the Indian growth story, especially in the rural areas and small towns and cities. A report by FICCI-KPMG projects the media industry in India to rake in Rs 1,457 billion by 2016, growing at 15% (CAGR). Digital or new media will play a huge role in this. Finding talent that is creative can be a tough task for media companies, which operate in a competitive environment.

Recruitment for Media Industry

While the country is dotted with thousands of education institutes, only a minuscule few can boast of graduates/post-graduates who are fit enough to work in media companies. The nature of the media industry, which demands creativity and flexibility from a professional, makes it difficult for media companies to get the right talent.

The SutraLite Advantage

SutraLite is an expert in providing recruitment solutions to media companies in India, helping them hire in numbers at an affordable price. Our experienced recruitment campaign specialists tap into our proprietary databases or scour already established networks with professionals from the industry to share the most appropriate profiles. Our fixed-fee, affordable recruitment plans ensure that you pay the same amount to get the best profiles, whether you are hiring a social media executive, planner, or a creative director to supervise your teams.

The below list of positions highlights the SutraLite success story:

  • SEO
  • Copy writers
  • Social Media Managers
  • PPC Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Affiliate Managers
  • Content Writers
  • Adsales Executives
  • Media Planners
  • Account Managers
  • Creative Heads
  • Front Desk Executives