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SutraLite PricingStart recruiting candidates for any role, from any sector, and at any level. Here’s what you get when you hire through SutraLite:

Guaranteed Relevant Profiles

We are confident that no matter what, we will definitely send you relevant profiles.

Quick Campaigns

We know how important it is for businesses to quickly hire the best talent. That’s why we run a process-based recruitment campaign (30 days).

Job Posting

As an employer, you save time and money, while we take care of posting your job on the most popular job portals and several niche/dedicated job boards, which cater to your specific industry, if any.

Targeted Mass Mailing

We have access to the top job portals of the country, and our team of Recruitment Specialists knows exactly how to maximize the potential of these huge databases. Therefore, when we get to work and execute your email campaigns, you can be rest assured that none of the relevant candidates of your job will be left out.

Human-Filtered Resumes

Our team of Recruitment Specialists will sort through each and every resume that comes in for your job, and match it for relevancy based on your specified evaluation criteria. We will ONLY send you profiles that fall well within the range of relevancy, so that you don’t waste your valuable time reading irrelevant profiles.

Telephone Screening

We realize that sometimes it’s not worth interviewing several candidates, when you have limited time and your situation is urgent. At such times, we are always there to support you. Our Recruitment Specialists can take a special telephonic round of interview with each shortlisted candidate, and evaluate him/her based on your preferences, before sending their profiles for your review.

Telephonic/Skype Interviews

We understand that your time is extremely valuable and you already might have many things on your plate, hence we can take over the responsibility of scheduling the shortlisted candidates for a online/tele round of interviews with you as well. What is a service without that personal touch!

Personal Interview Scheduling

No hiring process is complete without a face-to-face interview. We make sure you go through this process smoothly by scheduling the interviews with shortlisted candidates. Our Recruitment Campaign Specialists (RCS) assist the candidates with the required information and keep a thorough follow-up with them to make sure they are at the right place at the right time.

Basic Reference Checks

Once you have finalized your preferred candidate(s), we will carry out basic reference checks to allay your & our concerns (if any) about the chosen candidate.

Salary Negotiations

We will also play referee in your salary negotiations with the candidate.

Joining Date Followups

As a last mile support, we will ensure timely followups with the candidate(s), until they join your organization.

Post Joining Feedback

Once a candidate joins, we will follow up with him/her and your company to identify gaps, if any.
*We charge a closure fee per hire: 5% of CTC for salaries between Rs 3 lacs to Rs 10 lacs & 7% of CTC for salaries above Rs 10 lacs.

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How is SutraLite better than a recruitment consultant?

Very different. Recruitment consultants work on a commission-based model. They charge you a hefty 8.33% to 16.66% of the annual salary of each candidate. For a small/medium business, this can be an expensive affair. What’s worse, the recruitment consultants often “shift priorities” based on the commission at stake. In comparison with other recruitment solutions, SutraLite charges a fixed and surprisingly economical fee of INR 9,999 ( with 5% or 7% post closure depending on the CTC) with no limits on the number of candidates you can hire, and that too with guaranteed results. SutraLite turns out to be a very cost effective option for startups/small/medium businesses. You can read about one such happy startup here.

When do I pay the 5% or 7% closure fee (recruitment commission)?

Once you find the right candidate, make an offer, and the candidate joins you – that’s when you will be invoiced for the successful hire. This means, we expect you to pay us only when we perform. However, our responsibility doesn’t end here. We provide you with powerful replacement warranty valid for 2 months from the date of joining of each candidate. So, every time you hire someone using SutraLite, you can rest assured we’re ready to handle any unexpected resignations/disappearances.

How is SutraLite ideal for me?

SutraLite is ideal for all businesses (especially for startups and SMEs) looking to hire staff at surprisingly affordable prices. Business owners, hiring managers or entrepreneurs don’t have the time/patience/money to sign up on multiple job portals, read through hundreds of CVs, or even hire a “recruitment consultant”. This is where we come in and take away all your hiring problems. SutraLite’s pedigree in serving small businesses and startups, coupled with expertise, enables us to get the right talent at the right price. We offer value for money and quality hiring solutions for your every requirement helping you coast easily.

How can SutraLite help me

SutraLite’s affordable recruitment helps you save two of the most important things in your company – time and money. We enable you to save time by taking care of the most time consuming and cumbersome parts of your recruitment process, so you can concentrate on selecting and hiring the best candidates. SutraLite helps you save money by offering our services at unbeatable, fixed prices. We go beyond the clichéd Naukri / Monster and offer exposure by running recruitment campaigns on specialized job portals and on social media networks which include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Have more questions? Head to the FAQ page or call us now on 8080 245 245 and clear ALL your doubts.

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  • satya

    ha ha… good pricing…. I find something your mgt need to address….

    First of all you are hiring for a STARTUP / SME, Who do not hire in bulk !!!

    You charge 15000/- to hire entry level people and give only 30 days validity and send some shortlisted candidates for interview.
    A startup cannot hire more than 1 or 2 candidates in a span of 30 days and those are entry level people whose salary may not be more than 15000/-
    This could result in 8 to 10% of annual CTC as cost of recruitment !!! Which do not serve the basis USP -Pay for 1 and hire as many as you want!

    Also if you are sending the resumes/shortlisted candidates with a time limit of 30 days, the ball is in your court- as to how many candidates you would source during that limited period, but not with the startup to choose “Hire as many as they want” !!!