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Ubilearn Successfully Hire Android Developers using SutraLite: Review

It can be quite a task to hire Android developers but Ubilearn did not face any such difficulty since they used SutraLite to hire some really talented android programmers. An education startup on a mission to use educational design technology for changing the way people acquire knowledge, Ubilearn wanted to hire Android developers and SutraLite didn’t disappoint them. Being a startup, Ubilearn want to concentrate on their product and services, …Read More

Interview Body Language Basics: How To Get That Job

If you’re awaiting your first interview, it’s pretty obvious that you’re browsing the internet for reaping the ultimate prize, being the job itself from the interview. Here are a few interview body language basics that will help you do just that: Submission: Firstly, it’s very important to avoid being submissive. A woman should maintain boundaries so as to be a lady and a man should be chivalrous at all times, …Read More

How to Use Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking sites, and is a wonderful platform to make oneself known or advertise, especially for startups and small businesses. This goes for recruitment on Twitter too. The dynamics Since Twitter is more of a social network to promote public figures and organizations, it is very apt for an organization. Growing your organization’s popularity is the first step toward hiring on Twitter or …Read More

How to Know if My Company is in Trouble

It is extremely important for one to be alert in order to read all the signs in your workplace that indicate your company is probably going under. The smallest things happening around you that are out of the ordinary could be an allegory of the fact that the organization you work in has been the victim of the current economical slump. So, how do you know if your company is …Read More

SutraLite Review: Online Media Firm Happily Recruits Using SutraLite

Once again a positive SutraLite review, this time from InnovateSearch, an online media firm. When it comes to recruitment for online marketers, especially SEO/SEM, it sure can become a tough task. InnovateSearch decided to go for SutraLite’s affordable and fixed-fee solutions that are apt for small businesses and startups. After hearing positive reviews of SutraLite from their peers, the online firm decided to have us on board. InnovateSearch’s SutraLite review …Read More

Hiring for Media: Using Media Recruitment Agencies in India to Get Talent

Media recruitment agencies in India, such as SutraLite in Mumbai, India, offer great affordable media hiring solutions. To get the best talent in the field of media, one simply needs to find someone bold and communicative. And I don’t just mean a good command over the desired language. Media Recruitment Agencies in India Unlike 20 or 30 years ago, today an extremely wide range of jobs are a part of …Read More

Healthcare & Medical Recruitment Agencies for Hiring Health Professionals

Understanding the job requirements is the first step toward hiring the most sensible candidate for a job in the health industry. The next step is to get a healthcare & medical recruitment agency, such as SutraLite in India. Whether it be good knowledge of pharmaceuticals to be a pharmaceutical rep, or just a good salesman to be a health insurance salesman, knowing what you’re looking for is pivotal. The health …Read More

How to Hire for the Travel Sector: Recruitment in Travel and Tourism

Jobs in the travel sector basically require professionals who are good communicators and fine sales people. Jobs in the travel industry include jobs in travel agencies, the service industry, flight and cruise crew and something as purely business-like as the consulate and other such departments. Hiring for travel jobs isn’t a very challenging task. One must obviously possess generic knowledge of places of travel and modes of transport. Above all, they must …Read More

How Finance Recruitment Consultants Help You Hire Finance Professionals

In order to hire the most suitable applicant for a job in finance, one must make sure the candidate is equipped with the necessary credentials. Finance is a field in which one can’t just grow into a job with time. It requires the employee to possess the degrees and skills required from the time he/she is hired for the post. Finance hiring is very crucial and one needs to meticulously …Read More