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Sectors We Serve

SutraLite’s recruitment solutions are available for Startups & SMBs across various industries and verticals. We have extended our hiring expertise to businesses in industries as diverse as Education, Engineering, Chemical, Energy, Finance, Business Consulting, FMCG, Health, Wellness, Leisure, Travel, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Logistics, Supply Chain, Media, Real Estate, Architecture, Technology, Web, etc.

For more details about industry-specific recruitment solutions for Startups & SMBs browse through the below list, which also includes SutraLite’s success stories:

SutraLite’s pedigree in serving the education industry and its expertise in recruiting enables us to get the right talent for educational companies. Learn More

Having served hundreds of travel agencies & travel portals, SutraLite has an unmatched experience in getting top talent for travel companies. Learn More

SutraLite has enabled hundreds of businesses from the healthcare sector in India to hire efficiently at a low cost. Learn More

SutraLite is an expert in providing recruitment solutions to Indian media companies, helping them hire in numbers at a low cost. Learn More

After being through the startup phases ourselves, SutraLite is well-equipped to understand the hiring problems of a technology startup. Learn More

The SutraLite experience has been enjoyed by numerous financial companies, who have hired great talent at a low-cost. Learn More

Food & Beverage Recruitment IndiaFOOD & BEVERAGES
SutraLite is an pioneer in offering recruitment solutions to the F&B industry, having helped them hire quality employees at an affordable rate. Learn More