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SutraLite Review: Online Media Firm Happily Recruits Using SutraLite

SutraLite Review

Online media firm gives a positive SutraLite review.

Once again a positive SutraLite review, this time from InnovateSearch, an online media firm. When it comes to recruitment for online marketers, especially SEO/SEM, it sure can become a tough task. InnovateSearch decided to go for SutraLite’s affordable and fixed-fee solutions that are apt for small businesses and startups. After hearing positive reviews of SutraLite from their peers, the online firm decided to have us on board.

InnovateSearch’s SutraLite review talks about their positive experience with an affordable recruitment agency. A point to highlight is that nearly 50% of their team was hired using SutraLite’s solutions! Here is the whole review of SutraLite:

“SutraLite has been instrumental in providing the most fitting profiles for our team here at InnovateSearch. Almost half of our current team has been hired through SutraLite’s services! Their team is very proactive and is in constant touch during the entire campaign period. Their process is fine-tuned and incorporates the feedback in subsequent batches of profiles they send. Would definitely continue to use their services for all the future needs for InnovateSearch. It’s absolute value for money! Highly recommended.”

SutraLite always aims to ensure that its clients can recruit effortlessly at an affordable price. Serving InnovateSearch was a great learning experience, and we are glad that they decided to choose us for SEO/SEM recruitment. The RCS team is delighted with the positive SutraLite review, and look forward to help InnovateSearch grow even further by solving your hiring challenges.

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