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SutraLite Review: Elearning Company Happily Recruits Using SutraLite

SutraLite Review Vidyasagar Interactive, an elearning company positively reviews SutraLite. Recruiting for education companies is no easy job, especially in India. Vidyasagar Interactive chose SutraLite’s low-cost, fixed fee recruitment solution to solve their hiring challenges. Just like any emerging business, they wanted a solution that was quick yet cost effective. They approached SutraLite after hearing positive reviews.

So what is Vidyasagar Interactive’s SutraLite review all about? Just like for all our clients, we ran a successful recruitment campaign for the company. What’s more, we created a backup pool of profiles. This is what Vidyasagar Interactive had to say about us: “SutraLite’s campaign manager has been very kind and helpful during the entire duration of this campaign. The profiles that we received were coordinated with the requirements that we had. The RCS understood them very well and strictly adhered to key features we were looking for. She conducted the telephonic interviews and gave us prompt and candid feedback on the profiles that we selected.”

At SutraLite, we continuously endeavor to enable our clients to hire efficiently at a low-cost. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting SutraLite for education recruitment and we are delighted to live up to your expectations. Our team is looking forward to support you to further scale your company by helping you with all your recruitment challenges.

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