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Who we are

The SutraLite Team comprises young and ambitious professionals who love what they do. Our passion for problem solving, coupled with an entrepreneurial bend, enables us to efficiently serve the recruitment needs of our clients.

Waqar Azmi

Founder & CEO

Waqar is India's favorite startup enabler, having established Sutra in 2007. An engineer by degree but an entrepreneur by heart, Waqar leads Sutra to enable all startups and SMEs in India to efficiently hire the best talent and effectively manage their human capital.

Jay Thaker


Jay is a thorough Internet enthusiast with a strong affinity for entrepreneurship, and passion for new-age startups & emerging companies. Jay has built teams grounds up - recruitment, training, and administration. He has a passion for Music and a parallel ambition to become a "Rock Star", in the next 5 years.