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Information Technology Industry in India

India is no more a mystic voodoo land or a country of snake charmers. It’s a country that is progressing at a breathtaking speed among the developing nations. It is the 10th largest economy in the world when it comes to nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and 3rd in terms of PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). The country is progressing with ready-to-work youth growing in both, rural and urban areas. If the country continues to make noteworthy efforts monetarily, we can be an economic superpower by the year 2020. Industries contribute a very large percentage to the economy of India but agriculture remains the economic backbone and mainstay of the country.

IT Recruitment IndiaMaterialization of new and innovative technologies, changing buyer psyche and emergence of different markets is going to help India uphold its position as an outsourcing leader. The IT (Information Technology) industry has affected the Indian population like none other. With the establishments of quality educational institutes, the level of talent in the country has gone up tremendously with new institutes and technical colleges opening every few years. To scale up, IT recruitment needs to step up and find the right candidates for the right positions.`

Information technology industry has helped India grow to a new stature and put us on the global map for being an aggressive and innovative information hub. India’s economy has seen significant growth due to the information technology industry, which has been consistent and performing well throughout. This in turn has helped India change its image from a slow moving bureaucratic economy to a country of innovations and budding entrepreneurs providing significant world changing technologies and remarkable solutions. There is a shift in thinking, it is more knowledge based rather than agriculture-based.

Several other industries are associated with information technology and the term IT industry covers a broader spectrum and encompasses various other industries like the outsourcing industry, computer hardware & software industry in India, electronics & semiconductors. Each of the above industries has grown at a massive rate, providing stability to the economy and jobs to people.

Startup Scene in India

While India has been proudly showing its prowess in information technology and the success stories of its technology giants in the last two decades, it is the silent revolution of startups that have added value to the real Indian growth story. Hundreds of companies offering online services and SaaS-based solutions are located in India, catering to a global user base. India’s technical and engineering institutes are helping fuel this growth.

Right from online services that offer accounting, HR, gifting recommendations, or even Big Data support, the Indian technology startup scene is diverse and has access to funds via hundreds of venture capitalists and angel investors. While funds have been flowing in for tech startups, the talent required to drive the growth of such companies is fragmented, some preferring to work for industrial behemoths, while other preferring the Silicon Valley. To find such quality of talent, IT recruitment would see a huge demand in the coming years.

Growing Indian Information Technology Industry

India’s romance with the information technology industry is unparallelled in history. No other industry has flourished at the scorching pace that the information technology industry has. Recently, India has been a hub for all the major players in the world’s IT sector and has earned a place among one of the biggest IT capitals of the world. Over the years, the information technology industry has evolved and how! There has been a massive change, growth and betterment in the field. The future already looks bright according to some trade pundits. Financial analysts are optimistic when predicting outcomes for India in the software industry.

Growth of the information technology industry runs parallel to the growth of other industries too. Employment and export are the sectors that benefit the most out of this growth. There are sectors like biomedical technology, internal and external defense mechanism, infrastructure of various industries and public properties which are also affected with the growth of the information technology industry directly or indirectly. It is very important for the IT sector to grow, as a lot of sectors grow with it. This will ultimately result in the growth of the nation.

Sector Wise Breakup of Export Revenue

According to industry experts, the Indian information technology industry went through a rough patch last year but the resilience shown was tremendous. Technology is everywhere today, it is very important to keep evolving and innovating every now then to keep up with the competition and at the same time to keep the customer happy. The customer should be kept at the centre while devising any solution for a particular platform and also the module should be transformative in nature.

The domestic growth rate is qualitatively getting better, but there will be no dramatic jump in the rate, only a steady growth. India also has the capacity to provide skilled manpower to western countries thus giving us an advantage on the global IT mainframe. Along with manpower, there will be opportunities for India to showcase its strength in technology and innovative competitiveness.

Smart Computing, ‘Anything’-as-a-service, cloud technologies are the areas and key factors for growth. India provides solutions for various segments of this industry like, IT Services, BPM, Engineering & Research and Development and various software products. Domestic and world IT players are making it a point to bring India into a hub for mobility, social collaborations, analytics and market research. Healthcare and medical devices are some of the emerging verticals that will flourish in a couple of years.

Domestically, the information technology industry has done wonders for some of the cities in India. Infrastructure development is on an all time high because of the expansion of the information technology industry. A lot of cities are on the verge of heavy investments in infrastructure projects which include Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. These cities have grown at an unthinkable pace making them favorable working destinations. Real estate has enjoyed a massive growth due to popularization of these south Indian cities. Transportation is another segment which has benefitted from the expansion of the IT industry. As the industry moves forward, IT recruitment in India will play a big role in attracting quality talent to these cities.

Indian Information Technology Industry – Statistics

FY2014 is going to be huge in terms of growth because of increase in innovative technologies, changing global patterns and adoption of different methodologies. According to industry experts, the export revenues are expected to reach USD 84 to 87 billion, maintaining a growth rate of 12 to 14%. Even the domestic industry is expected to grow at a rate of 13 to 15% and the revenues are expected to reach USD 45 – 52 billion.

Market Size of IT industry Recruitment

India’s IT lobby expects a growth rate of 13 to 15% with export revenues touching USD 99 billion in 2014 to 15. Main areas of growth are considered to be cloud management and app modernization and transformation. When it comes to the Indian domestic software market, software products and e-commerce are going to be the specific growth areas.

An online report says Tier-II and Tier-III cities will see rapid growth in the coming fiscal with emerging verticals such as education and healthcare. Business maturity levels are on an all time high because of heavy investments from the mid-market segment. It is expected to grow at an astonishing rate of 17.2%. A lot of government initiatives are helping the SMEs scale by bridging infrastructure, modern research and innovative developments.

Recruitment for IT industry in India

The last year has turned out well for the information technology industry despite many uncertain circumstances. According to industry analysts the numbers have surpassed their expectations in the last quarter. Hiring in the Indian information technology industry is expected to see an upward trend in 2014, the reason being, rapid recovery of the economy in the west. Lately, a lot of new and budding startups are blooming and this creates a whole new number of requirements. They need candidates with a specific skill set, specialization in a particular field and also a specific startup environment mind.

Getting The Job Done

IT recruitment can be hectic at times, as the requirements sometimes are of a very specific talent and ability. It’s a tough job to find the exact candidate to match a company’s job description. Skilled personnel are required to find such talent, that’s the reason recruitment for the IT industry is not the easiest job.

There are job opportunities in every segment in the information technology industry. Java technologies will be at the foremost followed by .Net technologies. But according to some industry experts, the biggest impact will be created by Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). It is already been touted as the Next Big Thing in the Indian information technology industry. SMAC is expected to create a lot of new opportunities for freshers as well as experienced and skilled people.

It is also believed that in the coming year, network administration and desktop support will see an upward trend. People with specific skills in data management and data developing will also see greener pastures. To sum it up there will be newer and never heard before IT positions in the coming years. Experienced hiring will grow better than the hiring for freshers.

The SutraLite Advantage for IT industry

There are cost effective recruitment solutions with SutraLite that enable a startup to sail smoothly, without any hiccups. SutraLite’s pedigree in serving small businesses and startups, coupled with its expertise in recruiting for the information technology industry, enables us to get the right talent for just about any IT company. We offer value for money and quality hiring solutions for your every requirement, helping you coast easily. Moreover, as a top information technology recruitment agency, we have an in-depth understanding of this sector and practically every single detail that goes on in the process.

Our experienced recruitment campaign specialists tap into our proprietary databases or scour already established networks with professionals from the information technology industry to share the most appropriate profiles. We go beyond the clichéd Naukri / Monster and offer exposure by running recruitment campaigns on specialized job portals and on social media networks which include Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

At SutraLite you will always find a dedicated resource at your disposal. That person will handle all the negotiations and formalities between you and the candidate. You will never ever have to worry about the turnaround time, which by the way is 48 hours. Finding candidates from the IT industry was never this easy, was it?

We are the pioneers of what we do and SutraLite has an unparalleled experience in handling profiles. It’s just not the quick turnaround time but we also make sure you hire within a month. Time and money are the most important aspects of any business, so being one of the best IT recruitment consultants, we take away the most time consuming and bulky parts of your recruitment process which leaves you concentrating only on hiring the best candidates at affordable prices. Our fixed-fee and affordable IT recruitment ensure that you pay a fixed amount to get the best profiles, whether you are hiring a PHP Developers, a UI Developers or a Tech Lead to supervise your teams.

The below list of positions highlights the SutraLite success story:

– Android Developers
- Database Developers/Admins
- Dotnet Developers / Tech Leads
- Graphic Designers
- Groovy on Grails Developers
- Hadoop Developers
- iPhone/iOS Developers
- Java Developers / Tech Leads
- Manual/Automation Testing
- MSBI Developers
- Network Developers/Engineers
- Phonegap Developers
- PHP Developers / Tech Leads
- Python Developers
- ROR Developers / Tech Leads
- Sharepoint Developers
- Sybase DBAs/Developers
- UI Developers / Tech Leads
- UI/UX Designers
- Unity 3D Developers
- Visualizers
- Web Designers
- Windows 8 Developers