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Recruitment agency for travel startups

Travel Industry in India

India is as diverse as it is vast, and it would take a lifetime for anyone to visit the length and breadth of the country. However, as much as it is about travelers—both domestic and foreign—planning trips in India, there is also a growing flow of Indian tourists who are flying to exotic locales and hopping aboard cruises, visiting hundreds of countries each year. Be it hotels, airlines, travel agencies, etc, the Indian travel industry is catering to a plethora of masses, who are expecting world-class standards. A whitepaper by HVS / The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), India says that the country will see around 1.7 billion travelers by the year 2021. While a huge number will be business and leisure travelers, health tourism will greatly contribute to the numbers too.

Recruitment for Travel Industry

For any industry indulging in offering services, the most important asset it has is its human capital. For the travel and tourism industry in India, it becomes ever more so important to recruit the best candidates, especially with the advent of social media in India, where unhappy customers can post their views. Though there is a supply of talent, getting the right talent is a difficult task for travel companies, especially roles that require the employee to face customers.

The SutraLite Advantage

Having served hundreds of small businesses, especially travel agencies and online travel portals, SutraLite has an unmatched experience in getting top talent for any travel/tourism company. Our experienced recruitment campaign specialists tap into our proprietary databases or scour already established networks with professionals from the industry to share the most appropriate profiles. Our fixed-fee, affordable recruitment plans ensure that you pay the same amount to get the best profiles, whether you are hiring an agent, a chef or a manager/head to supervise your teams.

The below list of positions highlights the SutraLite success story:

  • Tour Coordinators
  • Ticketing Executives
  • Reservation cum Accounting Execs
  • Outdoor Managers
  • Travel Consultants
  • Immigration Coordinators
  • Service Engineers
  • Sales Managers
  • Soft Skills Trainers
  • Front Desk Execs
  • Ground Staff